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Here are answers to common questions asked about our new business development services:

Q: What is your fee model?

A: Our model is flexible and combines fixed fees with a success element.

Q: Who will be working on my account?

A: You will be introduced to the person on the team who will be working on your account at the start of the engagement. Throughout the process the same
person will work with you. This means that we build a relationship with you over time, retain continuity on your campaign and maximise our joint investment in learning about your business.

Q: Can your people work in our offices?

A: Yes. We are happy to work from your offices at least initially to help build up a good understanding of your practice.

Q: What reporting do you provide?

A: On every client engagement, whether it's an individual campaign or ongoing retainer, we provide regular reporting. As we work from client offices we tend to
use either spreadsheets to record notes and lead stages or we can work with
your own CRM platform. By utilising CRM software you can have direct access to our call notes, as well as live activity reports and lead status.

Q: What client sectors have you worked with?

A: We specialise in working with professional service firms and the education
sector. Past clients include organisations in specialist insurance, law and accountancy. We have also worked with PR and HR firms.

Q: What companies can you get us into?

A: Our specialty is opening doors with senior decision makers in targeted businesses. These are usually SMEs and mid-sector corporates. Essentially,
if you need to get your foot in the door, we’ll find a way to get you in.

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